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Photographer Showcases Beauty Of Travelling India By Train

Once you've arranged your India tourist visa for your upcoming holiday to this fascinating country, your thoughts can turn to what you'll see and how you'll move around once you get there.

Travelling by train in India is an experience not to be missed, and one photographer in the country has been sharing his experiences of train travel in India on social media.

The Lonely Planet highlighted Shanu Babar's The Window Seat Project, whereby the cinematographer set out to not only capture the stunning scenes you can witness through a train's window, but also the stories of the people who travel on this mode of transport in the nation.

"It is my observation that any long distance train is like a microcosm of the whole country," Shanu told the website.

As well as sharing his own photos on Instagram, he also invites others to share theirs using the hashtag #windowseatproject.

If you're wondering which train journeys you should prioritise during your travels, the Economic Times India has some suggestions.

At the top of the list is the journey from Vasco de Gama to Londa, which showcases both coastline and mountains as it winds its way through Goa. Meanwhile, the railway that stretches from Guwahati to Silchar, taking in Lumding on the way, leads you through various tea plantations in Assam.

Wildlife lovers may want to take the route dubbed the Dooars Voyage, which travels between Siliguri and Alipurduar in West Bengal, winding its way through a number of wildlife sanctuaries on the way.

Tips For Business Travellers To India

There are many opportunities in India, not only for wonderful travel experiences but also for businesses. But it can be daunting to get your India e visa organised, book your flights and not know quite what to expect when you arrive.

CFO Innovation has just offered some advice to anyone who is planning to visit India with a view to doing business there.

The first point the publication refers to is that the regional differences across India are significant and it's therefore important to know exactly where you will be doing business, to ensure you read up on the right cultural customs.

When it comes to arranging business meetings, the website explains that English is the business language in the nation, but notes that Hindi is the country's other main language.

You shouldn't be offended if a meeting starts a few minutes late, as Indians take a more laidback approach to things than the western world. If you are booking a place for a lunch meeting, make sure you check whether the person you're meeting is vegetarian, and whether they prefer western or Indian food.

It's also worth thinking carefully about what to wear to a business meeting. The most appropriate outfit will depend on the sector you're operating in. For instance, in the banking sector suits are expected, while in the IT industry it's much less formal, with T-shirts and jeans not uncommon. A good middle ground is a shirt and jacket without the tie.

The Economic Times of India recently reported that the UK's Department for International Trade intends to make November India-UK Future Tech month, and as a result will host a range of events in the UK and India that are technology-focused.

Will India's Latest Tourism Campaign Inspire You?

There's no doubt that the Incredible India campaign led by the country's tourist board has increased awareness of the many wonderful sights and attractions that can be found in the nation.

After working with world-renowned ad agency Ogilvy, the Ministry of Tourism is now partnering with CNN Create - the branded content arm of the news agency - to deliver a series of television adverts designed to capture more travellers' imaginations.

Live Mint reported on the new campaign, which will be comprised of a series of four videos, each featuring someone telling their story about why they love travelling in India. Brisbane-based fashion designer Emma Puttick; Clint Johnston, a travel blogger from the USA; Kylee Newton, a cook based in London; and Carly Booth, a Scottish professional golfer, all share their experiences of India and how it ties in with their passions.

Kylee talks about the varied flavours she finds while travelling around the nation, while Clint shares his impressions of India as a first-time visitor to the country.

Aneesh Jaisinghani, group creative director at advertising agency Cheil India, told the news provider that he feels this is the right way for the Incredible India campaign to evolve.

""That happened to be India's point of view about itself, but now it is about what the world sees of India," he stated.

If you're visiting India for the first time, one place you won't want to miss is Jaipur, especially if you're a fan of photography, traveller Katharine Rodeghier recently suggested. Whatever reason you have for visiting India, you need to ensure you have your India tourist visa ready before you jet off to explore this beautiful nation.

Jaipur: A Must-Visit For Photography Lovers

There are many places and scenes in India worthy of photographing. From colourful temple decorations to bustling city streets, not to mention iconic landmarks and towering mountains. But for one traveller, Jaipur is the jewel in India's crown.

Writing for the Los Angeles Times, Katherine Rodeghier revealed that it's a photographer's dream, with its vivid colours and stunning architecture. Definitely one to add to your list once you've arranged your India tourist visa.

She travelled to the famous walled city while visiting her daughter who worked in New Delhi, noting that it had been near the top of her bucket list for a number of years.

"Photo buffs like me are drawn to the colours, patterns and exotic faces of India's 'Pink City'," she stated, although added that she'd describe the colour of the buildings as more of a tangerine than a pink.

Three of the city's most important landmarks are close enough to one another that you can see them all in a day - the City Palace, Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal. The City Palace was once home to the Maharajahs, although much of it is now a museum.

Jantar Mantar, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an 18th century observatory where you can see all manner of instruments used to track the progress of stars and planets in the night sky.

Hawa Mahal is also known as the Palace of the Winds and was famously where the women of the Maharajah's court could look down on the streets below without being seen thanks to the cleverly designed screens across the windows.

According to Lonely Planet, other top sights in the city include the Central Museum, Royal Gaitor and Iswari Minar Swarga Sal.

Discover Delicious Street Food With An India Tourist Visa

One of the best things about booking an India tourist visa and exploring new and exciting cultures is trying out all sorts of delicious new foods that you might not have come across otherwise. Luckily for you if you're something of a foodie, India is renowned for its culinary delights. Here are just a couple that might tickle your proverbial pickle.

Masala dosa
You've got to have a dosa before you head back home or you haven't done your trip right. This is especially popular in southern India, made from lentils, rice, potato, curry leaves and fenugreek, and served with a variety of chutneys and sambar (a kind of stew).


This is a light serving of curry with rice or Indian bread – and is absolutely delicious! You can get all sorts of different types, from spinach cooked with potatoes to black lentils and red kidney beans. Amazing – and with a rich history… the start of tiffin can be dated back to the days of the Raj and the late 18th century, when Brits found it too hot and needed to eat lighter food during the heat of the day.

Idli vada
This is a delightful combination of dumplings and doughnuts, and will certainly fill you up for the day ahead. Idli is a popular breakfast dish enjoyed by households in the south of India, with the cakes made by steaming a batter made up of rice and fermented black lentils.

Jeera pulao
If you want something simple yet incredibly tasty, go for jeera pulao, which is just a simple and very flavoursome rice dish that features cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, cumin seeds and star anise, with fried onions sprinkled on the top.

Could UK Get India Tourism Office To Boost Travellers?

The Indian Ministry of Tourism is looking at various ways to boost international traveller numbers to the country and one option is to open a number of offices around the world to give potential visitors a place to go if they have questions about travelling to India and want to book a trip.

The Economic Times reported on the initiative, which is under consideration, according to tourism secretary Rashmi Verma. This comes as the ministry is planning to launch its latest iteration of the Incredible India campaign, which will be tailored for different markets.

Ultimately the country's government is hoping to encourage more people to apply for India e visas and visit the vast and varied nation.

Ms Verma told the news provider that having a "synergy" between the new marketing campaign and target overseas markets would deliver better results.

She also explained how these hubs in different locations – including the UK, Russia and the US – would work.

"Our offices in different countries would work on a hub and spoke model which will be in sync with our PR agency," she asserted.

Last month, figures from India's Ministry of Tourism revealed that foreign visitor numbers in the country were increasing. The Times of India revealed that foreign tourist arrivals in India were up 15 per cent in the first seven months of 2017, compared to the same period last year.

Bangladesh, the US and the UK were identified as the three most important markets in terms of visitor numbers to India.

Foreign Tourist Numbers In India Climb

The number of foreign tourists travelling to India increased between January and July this year, compared to the same period in 2016, figures from the country's tourism ministry show.

Times of India reported that foreign tourist arrivals climbed by 15 per cent in the first seven months of 2017, while a growing number of these visitors chose to travel on an India e visa.

In fact, 15.7 per cent growth in the number of travellers arriving on electronic visas was recorded this year, compared to the same months in 2016.

British tourists were the most likely to travel on e-visas, followed by those coming from the US, the UAE, France and Oman, the data revealed.

However, the largest number of visitors to India comes from Bangladesh, with the USA in second place and the UK third.

Growing tourism is a target for the Indian government, with the country's prime minister Narendra Modi highlighting it as one of several areas to focus on in a recent address to a group of young Indian CEOs.

However, he stated that India's attitude to its own history needs to change if the industry is to grow. Mumbai Mirror quoted Modi as saying: "If we don't feel pride in our own heritage, how can we expect outsiders to do so." He was speaking at the Champions of Change event.

How To Avoid Over-Packing For Your India Holiday

If you're planning a backpacking adventure, then make sure your India e visa is organised ahead of time, so you can start planning all the finer details of your trip. offer their tops tips for how to avoid over-packing before a trip away and ending up with more stuff then you need – always a problem!

When you begin the packing process, make sure that once you decide on an outfit in your head you pair it up. This will make sure you don't end up with a jumble of clothes and an uneven number of trousers to tops that won't get worn. Once you've done this, it will make life easier in putting things together and if you want to slightly mix and match this can easily be done as and when.

Invest in some packing cubes before you begin traveling. These handy packing bags are a great way to group together and organise various sections of your things, keeping toiletries away from clothes and valuables.

One of the items that people tend to over-pack is shoes - these can be fairly bulky and also make bags weightier, so think carefully when choosing. When considering shoes it will all come down to the destination you're visiting and what you plan on doing.

If it's an active holiday, then perhaps some comfortable walking shoes such as trainers and then one pair of more dressy flats or sandals for the evenings. Though you may wear all pairs, you really need to edit down to save on space!

Construction Of India Bullet Train To Start In September

Whether you're travelling to India on business or pleasure, the news that India is set to get its own bullet train network is likely to be welcome.

The project has been in the pipeline for a number of years, but now construction will finally begin on the scheme, with the foundation stone being laid by India's prime minister Narendra Modi alongside Shinzo Abe, Japan's prime minister, next month.

Japan and India have signed a memorandum of cooperation for the project, which will see the Japanese providing expertise to assist with the construction of India's bullet train network. The Japan International Cooperation Agency is also providing investment for the project

The first bullet train line will be constructed between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, and is expected to begin operating in 2023.

It will be on a raised track that is completely fenced for safety reasons and it will feature fully integrated network signalling. In addition, Japan will provide training for some 4,000 Indian officials to help run the high-speed rail link.

The main advantage of the project will be the massively reduced travel times on the route. At present, it takes around seven hours to travel between Mumbai and Ahmedabad by rail. When the new bullet train link opens, that journey will take just two hours.

Many people who travel around India use the rail network, which is considered something of a classic Indian experience. While the new high-speed trains will be very different to the rest of the country's rail network, they could become an attraction in their own right.

Even if you're intending to visit the country with an India tourist visa soon, you can still enjoy taking a trip on one of India's trains, it will just be at a slower pace than the bullet train will allow.

Can You See India In Two Weeks?

India is a vast country and when you've applied for your India e visa you can get down to properly planning your trip.

However, for most of us the option of taking longer than a couple of weeks off work isn't possible, which can make seeing a country that's as vast and varied as India something of a challenge on a two-week timescale.

CNN recently stated that with a bit of planning, you can fit a huge amount into a two-week itinerary, and put together a suggested route around India and some of its best-known sites.

Days one to four should be spent in New Delhi and Agra, where you can discover the likes of Humayun's Tomb, the Red Fort and, of course, the iconic Taj Mahal. From Agra, you should move on to Rajasthan.

This region is home to Udaipur and Jaipur. The latter is home to the stunning Hawa Mahal, as well as countless other incredible palaces, forts and intriguing bazaars. Udaipur, meanwhile, is known as the City of Lakes and will offer a change from the pink-hued buildings of Jaipur.

Mumbai and then Goa should be your next stops for days seven to ten, where you can get one final hit of bustling city life before you head to the coast where things move at a slower pace.

Goa may be best known for its beaches, but it's not without its history either, with forts and churches among the attractions here. Your final three days should be spent relaxing on the backwaters in Kerala.

Earlier this month some travel agents revealed that they expect to see bookings for holidays to India to increase after Joanna Lumley presented a three-part series about the country.

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