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OCI Registration Form
FORM XIX (See Rule 25B)
Application for registration as an Overseas Citizen of India under
section 7A of the Citizenship Act,1955
Affix your photo
of size 200X200pixels
Approx & 30Kb Filesize
or email us at
Signature Size 200X67pixels & 30kb Filesize or email us at
Personal Particulars (As in Passport)
Given Name
Previous Name
Date of Birth
State (Birth)
Place of Birth
Marital Status
Visible Distinguishing Mark
Family Details
Father Name
Father Nationality
Mother Name
Mother Nationality
Spouse Name
Spouse Nationality
Date Of Marriage
Spouse Passport No
Spouse Passport Issue Date
Spouse Passport Issue Place
Passport Details
Passport No
Date Of Issue
Place of Issue
Occupation Details
Employer Address
Applicant's Contact Details
Present Address
House No./Street
Phone No
Part B (Other Details Of Applicant(s))
Have you/any member of your family applied for OCI Registration earlier?
Yes / No
Whether the applicant(s) sought asylum before applying for present citizenship?
Yes / No
Whether the applicant(s) had ever been citizen of Pakistan or Bangladesh at any time?
Yes / No
Whether either of parents or grandparents or great-grandparents of applicant(s) had ever
been citizen of Pakistan or Bangladesh at any time?
Yes / No
Whether the applicant(s) (other than minor child/children) has worked / is working in
Armed Forces/Para-military/Police/security/intelligence organizations?
Yes / No
Date and method of acquisition of present nationality
Applicant Name
Acquisition Method
Acquisition Date
Previous Nationality
Details of Family Members who are staying in India,if any
Sr No
Present Address
Details of Criminal Proceedings against the applicant(s),if any, anywhere.
Applicant(s) Name
Date Of Incidence
Place Of Incidence
Nature Of Incidence
I/We do solemnly and sincerely declare that the foregoing particulars stated on this application are true ,and I/We make ths solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true.
Place Signature
** Application for Minor(s)
I am a parent/guardian of to whom the foregoing particulars relate. I hereby apply on behalf of my/the child (children) for his/her/their registration as an Overseas Citizen(s) of India.
Place Signature
** To be filled only for minor applicant(s)
I hereby declare that I am present in the UK on the date of making this application and that all the information given by me here is true, accurate and complete.

I understand that my visa application is being handled through VF Services (UK) Limited (VFS), service providers in the United Kingdom appointed by High Commission of India, London. I am aware that the grant or refusal of Service is at the sole discretion of the High Commission of India and VFS is not responsible for the same or for any delay in the receipt of the Service. The processing of your application including processing time is subject to the procedures and timescales of the Indian High Commission over which VFS has no control I hereby agree to the VF Services (UK) Terms and Conditions including Disclaimer and VFS Data Protection Policy current at the date of my application (downloadable from I accept that application fees are not refundable, except as covered by VFS's refund policy and are payable even if service is not granted. I accept that VFS limits its liability for replacement of lost passports or other travel documents, to refund of my application fee, and reimbursement of government fees in accordance with the VFS refund policy. I am responsible for the accuracy of my application form, and I accept that if VFS checks my application form, it does not guarantee that it will find any errors, and does not verify information I have provided. I accept that VFS excludes all other liability in relation to my application and advice or information given to me, including for breach of contract or negligence.

I acknowledge and agree that my application and associated data will be processed in accordance with the VFS Data Protection Policy (downloadable from, and that my data may be processed by an affiliated company which may be a part of the VFS group of companies or a sub-contractor for VFS, and that such processing may take place in India but subject to the same standards as apply in the United Kingdom. Suppression of facts or furnishing misleading/false information will result in denial of service without assigning any reason. The Embassy Fee/Service Fee/Logistic Fee once tendered is non-refundable and subject to change without notice. It is advisable to make travel arrangements after obtaining appropriate travel document and I understand that VFS shall not be responsible for any loss of bookings made in anticipation of obtaining the service (OCI/Passport/Visa/Surrender of Indian Passport).

I agree and acknowledge that VFS will not be able to assist me in tracking or escalating any misplaced Royal Mail self-addressed envelope which I have provided with my application, I agree and take responsibility of the Royal Mail envelope, its Tracking number and payment receipt, I further confirm that in an event of lost/damaged/delayed/misplaced or untraceable self-addressed Royal Mail envelope, I will be solely responsible in tracking and taking up the matter with Royal Mail without any assistance from VFS.

PLACE & DATE                               Signature of the Applicant
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